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Biography 1979s,~2019s,

Toshihiro Takeuchi of the local hard rock band SHOCK and guitarist Kazuo Amaya began by creating tracks, despite having neither a
bass nor drums. They held jam sessions with other local bands.

Genocide's lineup underwent some additions with new members Matsui, Kawasaki and Nishimoto joining on guitar, bass and drums respectively. The band was able to complete original tracks and rehearsals soon began with the intention of debuting
live as soon as possible.

The band performed locally at amateur band tournaments, school festivals and other outdoor events as there were no venues available
to host heavy metal music due to noise regulations.

Kawakami, former member of DEFF ROCK, replaced Matsui on guitar. Within two days of the member change the band recorded its first demo tape, comprised of 3 original tracks, and began promoting internationally.

Having introduced the demo tape to overseas hard rock and heavy metal magazines and fanzines the band received its first
offer from label King Klassik Records. Former DETHBREED member Kojima replaced Nishimoto on drums. The band continued
performing live and established a mail order allowing for general sales of the demo tape.

Genocide signed a contract with American label King Klassic Records and began recording their first album.

Member Kawasaki was replaced by Motono on bass and the band completed its first tour in the Kansai and Kanto areas as
well as Nagoya City.

The band began working on new material and went on a tour in the Kansai, Kanto and Chubu areas.
They added live recordings to their original demo tape and released it the same year.

The band's debut album “Black Sanctuary” was released through King Klassic Records.
The album was released in analog, CD and cassette tape formats in the US and Europe simultaneously. The bonus track “Jibakurei”
was added from the analog demo to the CD version.

Black Sanctuary's promotion tour began.

The band began recording demo tracks for its 2nd album. After finishing a live show in Tokyo, Genocide went on hiatus until 1996.

Members Takeuchi and Kawaue get together and recommenced the recording of new tracks as new member Hattori joined Genocide on drums.

Genocide began performing in the Fukui Prefecture.

The band continued performing live shows outside of Fukui and touring in Osaka.

Limited releases of customized versions of Black Sanctuary were distributed though Disk Heaven along
with translated versions of the band's bio and profile.

Genocide began its first Tokyo tour in ten years, followed by live shows in the Kanto and Amagai areas.
Genocide also contributed the track “Red Castre Poison Doll” to heavy metal magazine Kabbala's compilation
CD along with a band interview.

The album “The Rites- Madou Kekkai” was released and distributed through Satanic Lust Records.
The band began touring in the Fukui, Kanto and Kansai areas to promote their new album.

Guitarist Amaya left the band and Genocide returned to its 4-member line-up. The band performed its first live show in Sapporo.
It was fucking cold.

The band began recording new tracks and continued touring. The live recordings of “Ibitsu na Taiyou” and “Kuro Machi”
were released in Osaka free of charge to advanced ticket-holding fans.

Kojima rejoined the band on drums.

Genocide continued working on new songs and performed live with the following line-up:
Takeuchi (Vo), Kawaue (G), Kojima (Dr) and Motono (B).

After Kawakami left the band Amaya rejoined on guitar. The band underwent a dramatic
line-up change with Kazuaki Someno joining on bass and Yahata Yutaka on drums.
The album “The Ritual Days- Jaontensei” was released through Captured Records
and included the band's original demo tape as well as the 2003 Osaka live recordings.

Someno left the band and was replaced by Yokoyama Akihiro on bass.
The analog LP (because we like to keep things old school)
“Live in Kumagaya 2008” was released through H.M.S.S. Records.

Genocide's line-up:
Toshihiro Takeuchi on vocals
Kazuo Amaya on guitar
Akihiro Yokoyama on bass
Yahata Yutaka on drums

Due to some unforeseen circumstances we have had a member change and, as of 2011,
Akihiro Yokoyama (Ba) has left Genocide. We are happy to introduce Noboru Sakuma as our new bassist.

Genocide's line-up:
Toshihiro Takeuchi on vocals
Kazuo Amaya on guitar
Kazuaki Someno on bass
Tobby on drums

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